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Candle Holders & Drippers
          CHT-20/BV Brass in Velvet Box Candles not included
  CHT-18/S Silverplated Traveling Candleholders
CHT-18/B Brass Traveling Candleholders
  CHT-28/V© Traveling Tea Light Candleholder with Velvet Box
CHT-27/V Traveling Candleholders with Velvet Box Candles not included
        BD-1 Brass Candle Holder Dripper
BD-2/C Candle Holder Dripper
BD-5 Candle Holder Dripper
BD-6 Candle Holder Dripper Candles not included
BD-1/C Candle Holder Dripper
DD-1 Box of 50 Aluminum Disposable Drippers 24 boxes per case
BD-3 Brass Candle Holder Dripper
   BD-2 Brass Candle Holder Dripper
BD-4 Candle Holder Dripper
  Nickel Plated Candlesticks (Tarnish Free)
      CH-1720 Hand
Painted Candle
Holders Ht. 3 1/2” Candles not included
CH-1036 Hand Painted Ceramic Ht. 5”
    CH-1033 Candlesticks with Tray Ht. 3 1/2”
CH-2085 Silverplated Ht. 2 1/2”
CH-568/SV Silverplated with Velvet Box Ht. 4 1/2”
CH-1505/N Ht. 3 1/4” Nickel Finish
CH-1508 Ht. 7.5”
CH-1507 Ht. 5”
CH-1506 Ht. 2.75”
 Candle Holders & Drippers

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